Posted on 8/8/2008

Original Post May 29th, 2008

We are getting there folks. I say "getting there" because I do not subscribe to Bold so I was forced to watch the delay of Montreal and Toronto in the first match of the Canadian CONCACAF Champions League match. "Getting there" because soccer is slowly starting to get the respect among television stations that traditionally did not give the beautiful game any coverage. "Getting there" because it was the first important soccer match between two Canadian clubs in over 25 years. Give all the credit to the Montreal Impact who did not make it a cake walk for Toronto FC. They threw everything but the kitchen sink at TFC in the early minutes of Tuesday's contest and were unlucky not be rewarded. Over 90 minutes though Toronto proved to be the stronger side aided by the fact Montreal went down to 10 men. I would love to know the opinion of the Toronto players regarding the pitch at Saputo Stadium. It must have been a nice break to play their last two matches on a grass surface. I would ask Mo Johnston about his thoughts, but the first rule about fight club... Certainly many people are curiously watching to see if the favoured side from Toronto would falter. Even though they came away with three points, in a matter of speaking, they did falter. Danny Dichio left the game with a groin injury and you have to wonder if these extra fixtures are going to take their toll on TFC like they did last season. It was the friendly against Aston Villa that signaled the end of the season for Toronto last year. TFC accumulated more injuries than points from that point on. After such a great start to their second season you would hate to watch it go all down hill from here. Maybe I'm being a little harsh. John Carver has turned this team around, and Paul Winsper has this team in an amazing conditioning and nutrition program that did not exist last year. That in itself should keep the injuries from adding up, and keep Toronto one step ahead of the competition. Toronto hopes to get back in the win column this weekend against a David Beckham-less Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday.


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Lee Godfrey brings an extensive amount of soccer broadcast experience to GolTV where he is the host of the station’s original Canadian news program Extra Time.