Posted on 11/13/2008

I guess we play the games not just for entertainment value, but for the simple fact the favourite does not always win.  Who would have thought with Houston’s impeccable home record in the play-offs they would loose to a team that has one of the worst records on the road in Major League Soccer or that a club that has not reached the play-offs ever would make their way to the West Final.  Columbus was the top club in MLS for most of the season and winning a championship would in no way be a surprise, but could Chicago actually get through to the final?  My bet would be yes.  If the side that cruised past a tough New England team can show the same type of finishing in the box as they did against the Revs, the Crew should be more than a little worried to face the Fire.  For the growth of the league I hope for a New York versus Chicago final.  Columbus and Salt Lake City are just not places on the American map that will generate very high TV numbers, but if you could put Blanco up against Angel it will at least provide interesting enough story lines for television and print a like to make the final a big deal.

MLS Cup Week

I will be in Carson covering the MLS Cup final and there are a couple of interesting things heating up on the backburner.  Rumours are flying around that expansion franchises could be named at the Commissioners annual address and the other most important issue, as far as I’m concerned, is addressing the FIFA International Calendar.  That needs to be looked at next season if this league wants to gain any sort of credibility around the world.


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Lee Godfrey brings an extensive amount of soccer broadcast experience to GolTV where he is the host of the station’s original Canadian news program Extra Time.